• Hittite Warrior

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ISBN 978-1-84603-081-9
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Autor: Trevor Bryce

Rok wydania: 2007

Liczba stron: 64

Okładka: miękka

Format: 18,3 cm x 24,5 cm

Język: angielski

Uwaga - drobne przetarcia okładki


Trevor Bryce is a Classicist and ancient Near Eastern historian who has published extensively on the Classical and Near Eastern worlds. He is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of New England Australia and has been awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for Service to Australian Society and the Humanities in the Study of History. He has held teaching fellowships at numerous universities, including: the University of Oxford and Princeton. In 2004 he was historical consultant for a BBC documentary on the 'Truth of Troy'. Adam Hook studied graphic design, and began his work as an illustrator in 1983. He specializes in detailed historical reconstructions, and has illustrated Osprey titles on the Aztecs, the Greeks, several 19th century American subjects, and a number of books in the Fortress series. His work features in exhibitions and publications throughout the world.

Spis treści: 

Introduction /4

Chronology /6

The Hierarchy od command /8

Enlistment /10

Clothing and Equipment
Dress - Weaponry /15

The Hitties on campaign /21

Training and discipline /27

Belief and Belonging /29

The army in battle
Chariotry - Siege warfare - Naval warfare /31

The life and duties of a soldier
Frontier defences - Leisure activities /47

Sites, museums and electronic resources /57

Bibliography /59

Colour plate commentary /61

Index /64

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